December 2021 SHIB Burn - Shiba Coffee Company

December 2021 SHIB Burn - Shiba Coffee Company

December has been a busy month for us again here at Shiba Coffee Company. We had our coffee featured at Bigger Entertainment's A Very Merry Shiba Christmas Burn Party, where a viewer of the burn party even received a bag of our fresh coffee as a prize for a Christmas trivia game! We introduced our SHIB Burn Pledge coffee mug, which is available for FREE for any small business that has taken the pledge and made there first burn! We launched our first line of holiday merch, and had great success with our Christmas Tumblers and Christmas Coffee Mugs! We will be introducing more holiday merch for upcoming holidays as well! We've also seen the addition of new companies and projects both accepting SHIB as payment, and taking our SHIB Burn Pledge, and we are so excited!

We are also excited that we have continued to make sales with SHIB as payment. We received four orders in December with customers paying with SHIB! While this may seem like a small number, it is proof that when consumers and businesses work together, they can spur adoption and use of cryptocurrencies. We hope that as gas fees decrease, we will see more customers using SHIB, not only with us, but with the other businesses that are accepting SHIB as payment too.

We have also been gearing up for the first Shiba Soccer Tournament in the world! The tournament will be live streamed from Ghana on the organizer's Twitter account, on January 9th, 9AM Accra Ghana time, 4AM EST.

Finally, we were able to make our SECOND SHIB BURN from our profits in December. We ended up burning more than 10% of profits again, as our profits were lower due to new investments in growing the company and working on spreading SHIB adoption worldwide. We are excited for some big announcements coming this month that we especially think those across the pond will enjoy.

Proof of burn can be found here: 

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