Shiba Coffee Company to Sponsor Soccer Tournament in Ghana

Shiba Coffee Company to Sponsor Soccer Tournament in Ghana

Shiba Coffee Company has agreed to sponsor a local soccer tournament in the city of Sogakofe, Ghana. What started as an exchange on the social media site Twitter turned into discussions between Shiba Coffee Company and local philanthropist and sports enthusiast Bankas Senyo Louis, the co-founder of Yorafrica and the African Eagles Sporting Club. The discussions eventually resulted in an agreement for Shiba Coffee Company to sponsor the tournament and provide branded kits for all of the participants and coaches.

Shiba Tournament 2022 is the first grassroots SHIB-inspired international amateur sporting event to date, and Shiba Coffee Company is proud to act as the official sponsor.

Yorafrica started 4 years ago with the simple aim of helping less privileged kids in education and soccer. Over the past few years, Yorafrica has done an annual event in selected schools and communities. The organization has had tremendous support from their families in the USA and UK particularly.

In 2019, Yorafrica helped form the African Eagles Sporting Club in Sogakofe, Ghana. "We picked poor but talented kids from the rural areas, gave them proper education and training while giving them free accommodation," Bankas said.

Yorafrica took part in building a classroom block for a village in Volta region called Avegorme, as part of a project made possible by Pencils of Promise, a registered charity that "schools, programs and global communities around the common goal of education for all." 

The African Eagles Sporting Club has also partnered with the Alresford Colne Rangers FC, a soccer club in the UK. ACR has pledged to send surplus kits and equipment to the African Eagles, and has also sent some small donations to local children in Sogakofe.

The goal Yorafrica and the African Eagles is "to help these talented kids get into good soccer clubs in the future." 

If you are interested in supporting this cause, please consider purchasing the official Shiba Tournament 2022 T-Shirt, made possible by Shiba Coffee Company. Up to 90% of profits from sales of the shirt will go towards supporting the tournament. Excess funds not needed for the tournament will be directly donated to Pencils of Promise.

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