What makes your coffee so special?

  • Our coffee is small batch roasted the same day we ship it to you. That means each bag of coffee is specially prepared just for your enjoyment.

Is your coffee really roasted the same day it's shipped?

  • You bet! This is what sets our coffee apart from other coffees. Every batch of coffee is small batch roasted with love and care.

When will my coffee be roasted?

  • We always roast our coffee the same day it is shipped to you, making our coffee some of the freshest coffee you can get, unless you are roasting at home yourself! If you are a home roaster, we'd love to see pictures of your set up!

When will my coffee be shipped?

  • Because our coffee is small batch roasted and always as fresh as possible, it may take 1-5 business days to process and roast your coffee before we ship it to you. This ensures that every bag of coffee is made with the special attention that it deserves.

When will my coffee arrive?

  • We ship your coffee to you the same day it is roasted. We ship coffee in the United States using USPS, and most orders are delivered 1-5 business days after being shipped, depending on the ability of USPS. During holidays, USPS shipping times may be slightly longer.
  • International orders typically take 7-21 business days to arrive after shipping. Currently, international shipping times are difficult to predict due to the global logistics issues that are a result of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Do you have K-Cups, instant coffee, Nespresso Pods, etc.?

  • We currently have K-Cups available for sale, but not the other products listed above.

Will my coffee and coffee mugs be shipped together?

  • If you order multiple bags of coffee, all of your coffee will be shipped together.
  • Non-coffee products like coffee mugs, tumblers, etc. are shipped separately from coffee. If you order more than one coffee mug, or a coffee mug and a tumbler, they will usually be shipped in multiple packages.