SHIB Burn Pledge - Verified Burners

*We are continually doing our best to ensure this list is up-to-date. Feel free to contact us if you believe this list needs to be updated.

SHIB Burn Pledge List

  1. Shiba Coffee Company - burning 10% of all profits
  2. Cryptoon Network - 20% of sales will be burned.
  3. Save The F**king Trees - 75% of earnings from gear and art will go to burns.
  4. THE SHIBETTES | 1/1 NFTs - burning a percentage of proceeds from NFT sales
  5. Shiba Search - burning a percentage of add revenue
  6. Peacock Track Club - burning a portion of coaching profits (10%) and merchandise profits (50%)
  7. ShibatokenMerch on Redbubble - burning 100% of profits (managed by @SHIBQueenie)
  8. Shiba CBD - burning 10% of profits
  9. Shiba Candle Company - burning 25% of profits

    SHIB Burn Playlists

    1. SHIB Burn&Chill YouTube Burner Playlist (twitter @InuChill)
    2. RichSkies
    3. Flaves Beats (twitter @FlavesBeats)

    SHIB Burn Apps and Games

    1. Bricks Buster (by Travis Johnson)
      1. iOS
      2. Android
    2. Zombie Assassins
      1. iOS
      2. Android
    3. Burn Shiba Games
      1. iOS: Coming Soon
      2. Android
    4. Shiba Tower Burn - burning 70% of profits
      1. iOS
      2. Android
    5. Shiba Coffee Company

    Other SHIB Burn Projects

    1. Shiba Burn Tube - 50% of ad revenue will be burned once the channel is monetized.
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