SHIB Business Directory

Businesses are currently listed in the order in which they were found to accept SHIB.

  1. AMC Theaters (coming soon)
  2. Newegg (coming soon)
  3. Shiba Coffee Company
  4. The Vibe Maquillage
  5. Marklien
  6. Belher Logistics
  7. XBottle
  8. Heir-Max
  9. Vegas Auto Gallery
  10. GiftChill (e-gift cards)
  11. Jolt Phone Chargers
  12. Precious Paws
  13. Shib Inu Cafe (Thailand)
  14. Kronos Advanced Technologies, Inc
  15. Bots, Inc
  16. OrthoTeleRehab (SHIB payments coming 2022)
  17. TIS Web & Digital Design (Advertising Agency)
  18. Your Business?



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