Shiba Coffee Company Burn List

We will update, in chronological order, starting with our first burn, each burn that Shiba Coffee Company completes. Each burn will include a link to the Etherscan page where details of the burn can be found.
Total burned to date (updated March 01, 2022): 82,905,051.679
  1. November 2021 Burn - 10,787,486.51564186
  2. December 2021 Burn - 11,851,851.85185185
  3. January 2022 Burn - 19,846,972.73123726
  4. NFT Auction (@NFTShibae) Burn - 19,571,618.4403988
  5. NFT Auction (@tiswebndigital)5,808,729.13992298
  6. February 2022 Burn - 15,038,393
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